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SaWasabi® Functional Soap™ for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne and Rosacea relief

High UMF Manuka Honey and Wasabi Functional soap sold out of this item World Wasabi Council 100% wasabi logo

3 SaWasabi® Functional Soaps™   @ US$36.50 plus Shipping

6 SaWasabi® Functional Soaps™   @ US$52.50 plus Shipping

12 SaWasabi® Functional Soaps™   @ US$92.50 plus Shipping

"NAMIDA®" Pure Wasabi™ Powder

50gm Namida powder World Wasabi Council 100% wasabi logo

1 Jar Namida® Wasabi    50 gms @ US$29.95 plus Shipping

3 Jars Namida® Wasabi   50 gms @ US$59.95 plus Shipping

6 Jars Namida® Wasabi   50 gms @ US$119.95
plus Shipping

12 Jars Namida® Wasabi   50 gms @ US$219.95
plus Shipping

1 Kg in vacuum packed resealable pack @ US$339.95
plus Shipping

Save with this bulk buy!

10 Kg in 1 Kg vacuum packed resealable packs @ US$2799.95
plus Shipping

"SAWA®" Pure Wasabi™ Liver Detox Capsules

 Sawa® Liver Detox capsules Certified 100% Wasabi logoNow 90 Capsules

Get the health benefits without the blowback!

1 Jar SAWA®   90 capsules @ US$39.95
plus Shipping

3 Jars SAWA®   90 capsules @ US$109.00
plus Shipping

6 Jars SAWA®   90 capsules @ US$199.00
plus Shipping

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